Training and Consulting


                             Article                Our Mission


MANUS Ltd is a company providing services to our international customers for over 25 years. Among other things we became an independent provider of generic and specialist telecommunications training concentrating mainly on mobile technologies, such as GSM, GPRS, WCDMA, New Technologies (3G, 3.5G) systems but also transmission, datacom, network planning and other. In addition to technology courses our company also offers management and soft skills training customized for the customer’s needs.


Our mission is to offer and deliver high quality courses, seminars and consultancy based on the latest developments in the new technologies. Our products are developed by the team of excellent engineers who are at the same time training delivery experts. Our courses and seminars are created basing the latest technical standards from around the world and complemented by hands-on experience gathered by our experts.

 In order to ensure high quality of our products we continuously monitor global industry trends, technology developments and the latest learning and knowledge transfer techniques. The ability to continuously adapt our offer to the changing world of new technologies is maintained thanks to consequently deployed concepts such as organizational learning and knowledge management.

 The experience collected during numerous contacts with our customer indicates that especially today there is request for cost-effective training solutions. Therefore, we wish to offer the mixture of high quality and flexibility accompanied by attractive price.